Awesome 3-in-1 Lego Creator Sets (2017): Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

These make and create toy pieces can be used by both adults and kids who love to see their creative juices flowing. The creator sets come with a huge range of toys, for example, buildings, vehicles, and wildlife just like in the real world. They also come in unique and bright colors helping kids and adults alike, have their imaginations growing and stay stimulated in the long run.

The benefit of these sets is that they can be easily and quickly converted to a number of structures or characters thanks to their 3-in-1 building system. This brings in new and exciting adventures to users, enabling their imaginations go a notch higher. Below are some of the awesome Lego Creator sets to be used for play in the summer.

LEGO Creator Park Street Townhouse 31065 Building Kit (2017)

This set is inspired by the many captivating and rare Manhattan townhomes that are still standing and provides lots of play scenarios inside and out. The Park Street Townhouse has three impressive levels, designed with an authentic old-world front facade in classic shades of beige, white, brown, and black, with sand-green and red accents.

You can walk up the front stairs, peek in the basement windows or hang out on the balcony. You can also stroll over to the park next door and sit under the street light on the bench.

And when you’re ready to head inside, the townhouse unfolds, so you can relax in front of the flat screen TV or huddle around the fireplace on a cold winter’s night. There’s also a complete kitchen and bedroom area, and when you’re done you can convert it into the City Café or a Suburban Home with greenhouse. This set includes:

  • Two mini figures
  • Classic urban design and color scheme with stylish blue door
  • Townhouse with interactive interior, including a flat screen TV, sofa, and fireplace
  • Exterior with a bay window, railing, balcony and park scene
  • Complete set measures; H x L x W: 20 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm.

LEGO Creator Island Adventures 31064 Building Kit

Sail to new heights with this cool 3-in-1 seaplane, which converts into an island hut or a  speedboat. The seaplane has a bright yellow and white color scheme with sharp navy accents, giving it a vibrant look that will draw kids in. It also has several working components, from twin engines with spinning propellers to a detailed cockpit, landing floats,  and a cargo hatch that opens.

The island hut, meanwhile, boasts 2 palm trees, map accessories, and an empty bottle. Kids can build the island from scratch then explore for gold! And when they’re done they can take it apart and construct the speed boat. The speed boat has a fully detailed cockpit that your mini figure can sit in and “steer.” And the mini figure has a clean or shaven face; so kids can have him looking scruffy when he’s stranded on the island.

This set includes:


Creator- Beach Hut 31035

Lego Creator 31035 Beach Hut

Go about your summer holiday on the beach, thanks to this 3-in-1 Beach Hut. Spend your days on the seaside with two mini figure friends and enjoy surfing in the radical waves. If you tired of surfing, engage in paddle boarding on the calm ocean.

Afterward, rebuild your summer cottage to a beach front surf shop and let vacationers rent sea accessories boards. Additionally, let them have a refreshing cold beverage on the seating as you offer lessons in surfing. Put up a summer cottage again and add an outdoor swimming pool for swimming laps.

The lounge beside the swimming pool can be used for cooling during the hot summer. Such kind of creativity and imagination can be achieved using this Beach Hut set. Its features include:

• 286 piece sets to bring out creativity and imagination.
Convertible 3-in-1 beach house; summer shack with swimming pool, summer cottage beside the sea.
• Two mini figures to help you go about the aquatic activities.
• Interior accessories; floor lamps, radio, bottled beverages and a cash register.
• Exterior accessories; Bucket, blue sea, green grass, brown decking, seating, two surfboards, tan sand.
• Wildlife; seagull and starfish.
• Beach hut measurements; H x L x W: 13cmx10cmx10cm.

Leuchtturm- Insel (Lighthouse Point) Creator Set 31051

Lego Creator 31051 Lighthouse Point

This is cozy Lighthouse Point, which forms the main portion of this play set. It has a large red and white striped lighthouse tower, coming with a light up brick beacon on the top of it. The base consists of a little house that can be easily swiveled open or closed, to suit the needs of the player. There are two mini figures; male and female who are lighthouse keepers.

There are other brick build creatures, a killer whale, seagulls and a couple of little fish pieces. An alternate built to the lighthouse is a neat ferry boat. The floating buoy will have a light up brick on top of it.

Users can convert the lighthouse into a bigger lighthouse keeper house. Just bring down the bricks on the lighthouse tower and add them on the sides with a pier. You can also create a boat house, since the killer whale can be converted to a speed boat.

The features in this set include:

Vacation Getaways 31052

Lego Creator 31052 Vacation Getaways

Go about your vacation activities using this complete set of camper facilities. It comes with a speed boat, a trailer and a number of break and build brick accessories. To begin with, you can design a camping trailer in order to move to your seaside vacation destination.

Remove the roof, rear sectio, and windshield of the trailer to convert the set into a summer home. The interior has a toilet, fold up bed, kitchen, TV set and a sofa. Set your motorboat beside the home.

Alternatively, convert the set into a yacht, get to the sea and enjoy your holiday onshore. Let either of the mini figures captain the yacht. Remember to carry have the speed boat onboard. This set features:

• Two mini figures.
Easily convertible set; summer home, trailer and yacht.
• White color scheme with dark blue and red stripes,
• Accessories; yellow striped fold out awning, a detailed interior including a toilet, fold up bed, kitchen, sofa, TV and luggage.
• Wildlife and Vegetation; A brick built bear, two little fish, two trees, grass, and flowers.
• Complete set measures; H x L x W: 10 cm x 36 cm x 8 cm.

Why You Should Buy These Creator Sets

To begin with, all the above Lego Creator sets come with alternate models. You will be sure of enjoying playing with your little one when it comes to building the brick sets over and over again. Through this, as a player, you will easily get your imaginations in to use, while getting those of your little one flowing.

Secondly, this playset is cheap and they come with Lego Creator discounts. For example, the Creator Beach Hut goes for about $20, Creator Leuchtturm Insel and Creator Vacation Getaways Building kit all coming with warranties. Buyers will not be disappointed by buying any of the three sets, considering the many configurations this kits can be turned into, it is totally safe to say these brick toys are totally worthy their price.

Last but not least, the Lego Creator sets come in excellent packaging. They come in a large lightweight box. Remember, this set is easily portable since these small pieces are measures even before being packaged. In addition, they come in with extra pieces just in case some get lost, you can find other pieces for replacement purposes.

LEGO Inc. has strict standards when it comes to manufacturing and grading of Creator sets, so you will surely not get disappointed upon purchasing these play sets.

In conclusion, these toy sets are meant for children between 7 to 12 years. This is the ripe age to help these kids to get creative in whatever they do, seeing the world in different angles and come up with different solutions to certain problems.

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These sets help yours kids to get creative in whatever they do, seeing the world in different angles.

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