Lego NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster: Defeating Evil One Lego at a Time

Lego NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster

There is a war going on in the land of Knighton as Lava Monsters threaten to destroy everything in their path. The question is: do you have what it takes to join the NexoKnights and defeat these evil creatures? If so, then pick up the new Lego NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster playset and help fight the good fight.

As you’ll see in my review, these knights need all the help they can get, and your kids are the perfect foes for these seemingly unstoppable creatures and their nefarious leader, the Book of Monsters. Kids will get a kick out of this set, and parents will love what a great value they are- and how quiet and preoccupied they keep the kids!

NexoKnights: Fighting the Good Fight

Lego has several NexoKnight sets, all based on the TV series of the same name. The show is set in a medieval, but futuristic type world called Knighton. Knighton is a beautiful land, and the NexoKnghts plan for it to stay that way.

Led by 5 brave, young knights (Clay, Axl, Aaron, Lance and Macy), the NexoKnights must constantly be on guard against their clever and deadly enemies. There are many evil doers lurking in the shadows, but none more ruthless than the Book of Monsters and his Lava Monsters.

Ash Attacker - Battle Gear

The Book of Monsters is a living book that was once good, but is now bad and filled with evil spells. It can conjure up a whole army of bad monsters and can be quite moody- so even the Lava Monsters must be careful.

Of all the kinds of Lava Monsters, the Ash Attackers are the most feared. You see, they are quick and have many weapons, including horns on their helmet that can make them hard to get next to. They also are extremely loyal to the Book of Monsters.

Lego NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster Playset

Knighton Battle Blaster features a double disc shooter and evil

This new NexoKnights set is a steal at just under $10 and can be used with any of the existing sets. Featuring a Knighton Battle Blaster, Ash Attacker and Royal Soldier, kids can act out battle scenes all across your living room.
There’s also lots of moving weapons, including: a sword for the Royal Soldier, crossbow for the Ash Attacker and 2 disc shooters; there is even a cool chest to store the discs.

The Battle Blaster is the star here, a tank with several moving parts for kids. There are the spinning wheels that allow kids to roll over the enemy and the 2 disc shooters on either side of the tank that spits out discs.

A shooter to propel the discs forward

The back of the tank has a shooter to propel the discs forward and knock out the Ash Attacker. The Battle Blaster can also be used for protection: kids can have the Royal Soldier stand behind it as it launches the discs.

The Royal Soldier has a removable helmet and visor to keep it safe as it attempts to defeat the Ash Attacker, which is sporting its signature horned helmet. The figures are over 2-inches high, making it easy for little hands to hold and play.

As you can see, Knighton needs your kids’ help to survive, so it is your civic duty to pick up a Lego NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster playset. Affordable, easy to assemble and loads of fun, the Ash Attackers won’t stand a chance once your kids start playing.

This set is great alone or as part of the other sets, and you will feel good about buying it because not only will your kids be smiling, but they’ll be heroes for defending Knighton. After all, the best way to defeat evil is one Lego at a time.

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