Best LEGO Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day (2019)

It is February, and the Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of this month. Do you have a Valentine in mind that you are thinking of buying a gift for? Of course you can buy the typical items like, chocolates, flowers or even a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Well, if you valentine is into Lego, we have some suggestions for you!

LEGO Ideas for Valentines Day

LEGO Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Gifts (2019)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, do you know what to get for your sweet heart?

Well, I am no Cupid, but if he or she likes Lego, I do have a few suggestions. We are not talking about big and expensive Lego sets, but smaller and simple quick build Lego ones that fits the occasion, cute looking and won’t break your budget….save those money for a romantic dinner or something, ok?

If you are buying for a lady, these latest 2019 Friends sets may fit your bill!

Each set consisting of a heart-shaped box in a unique color combination, with the titled mini-doll figure and distinctive accessories. If the mini-doll is a look-alike of your lady…bonus point! Do keep in mind that each of these mini-dolls have a name; Andrea, Emma, Stephanie, Olivia and Mia, and also a printed tile piece with their corresponding name in the set.

The last thing you want is her asking: “Who is Andrea” or “Who is Emma, is this gift for her or for me?”

LEGO Friends Andrea’s Heart Box 41354

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Andrea is a music loving person and this set includes a guitar, speaker, headphones and an ice-cream cone in a bright orange/fuchsia/turquoise heart shaped box.

Emma’s Heart Box 41355

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Emma appreciates arts, like to draw and this set includes a camera, a picture frame of her beloved cat, headphones and a cup cake in a mint/violet/purple heart shaped box.

Stephanie’s Heart Box 41356

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Stephanie enjoys sports, and this set includes a tennis racquet, a water bottle, a gold trophy, and a pizza in a pink/sky blue/dark blue heart shaped box

Olivia’s Heart Box 41357

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Olivia is a tech guru, and this set includes a tablet, a mini robot, a wrench and a chocolate bar in a bright blue/dark pink/light yellow heart shaped box

Mia’s Heart Box 41358

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Mia is adventurous and loves traveling, and this set includes a walkie-talkie, a pet bunny, a campfire and a marshmallow on a stick in a bright blue/lime green/purple heart shaped box

For ladies that are looking for a set for your female BFF, how about this next set?

LEGO Friends Heart Box Friendship Pack 41359

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Olivia and Vicky have a treasure chest filled with goodies – a gem stone, a magic wand, a tiara, a pirate hat, a microscope and many more in a set of colorful heart shaped boxes

If those sets are not what you want to get, check out this next Brickheadz set, it is general enough and too cute for anyone not to like.

BrickHeadz Valentines Day Puppy in Love 40349

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Who does not like a sweet and lovely puppy? Yup, this Brickheadz set builds an adorable puppy figure holding a red rose and a heart shape piece, besides two bouquet of flowers to show its affection! It will surely melts both of your hearts on this Valentine’s Day!

Moreover, we have 3 Lego sets for this occasion (still available) – 40187, 40236 and 40270.

LEGO Flower Display (40187)

LEGO Flower Display (40187) Blog - Valentines Day LEGO Gift
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This is a small set with the least number of pieces among the three sets. At 100 pieces, this set builds into two single-stem flowers, a red rose and a white daisy, both with a base (vase). Though this set does not have many pieces, it does make good use of the slope pieces to form the intricate rose petals as well as the daisy petals. I can see that this set will be a perfect gift for the moms and grandmas as a desktop display!

Lego 40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic

Lego 40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic - LEGO Gift Ideas
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As the set name implies, it is a vignette set of a romantic picnic. Imagine taking your valentine to an outdoor picnic. You get to build a serene setting of a red and white checkered table cloth on a patch of green pasture. Surround by a small water fountain and a small tree, a blue jay chirping a spring melody on the tree branch, beautiful flowers enhanced the setting. For the occasion, you have brought some homemade sandwiches, chocolate, some fruits and drinks. You even got your beloved a teddy bear, a red balloon and a Valentine’s Day card that expresses your affection….how romantic!

Lego Valentine Bee Brick Headz 40270

Lego Valentine Bee Brick Headz 40270 - Your LEGO Valentine's Day Gift
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This new addition to the Brickheadz series breaks away from the tradition of the previous sets, which consists of Superheroes, animation characters. If you have seen the Funko Pop! figures and like them, believe me, you will love these Brickheadz sets! This time, you get to build a cute honey bee, that has a honey jar in one hand and a heart shaped piece on the other hand. And as if that is not cute and sweet enough, there are also two bouquet of flowers that can either be placed on the side or can be hold by the Brickheadz figure!

So, for this Valentine’s day, Lego has got you covered!!

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