LEGO Stormtrooper Commander Set 75531: A Force All its Own

Admittedly, it has been a decade or two since I fell within Lego’s target demographic. At least, that’s what I thought until I ran across the new Lego Stormtrooper Commander set. Great for kids, adults, Star Wars fans, and newbies, this latest kit will provide hours of building fun for everyone. Read on to find out why these are the Legos your kids and you are looking for.

Lego Stormtrooper Commander set

Lego has come a long way since I was a child, and frankly so has Star Wars. When I was a boy, I spent many hours huddled around Lego bricks with friends, using mostly our imaginations to reenact scenes from the three movies George Lucas had given us.

Things are different now. Disney has promised a new Star Wars movie a year for the foreseeable future, and it looks like Lego has come up with the perfect way to help us enjoy them even after the credits stop rolling. The 75531 Stormtrooper Commander set will simply blow you away if you have been out of the Lego game for a while. With a finished model that will stand at nearly 10 inches, this one hundred piece set brings the excitement of Star Wars directly into your children’s hands. Or, let’s be honest, your hands.

Lego Stormtrooper Commander Set 75531
Of course, like all Lego sets, the fun starts the moment that you open the box. Fans of Lego know to appreciate the hours logged in the creative trenches of assembly. Putting a Lego set together is a pleasure in its own right, akin, I believe to the same enjoyment some people get out of putting together a puzzle. But at the end of this project, you won’t be staring down at a smoky Thomas Kincaid cottage you could have found online in half a second. No, you’ll be bringing to life a beloved fixture of the Star Wars universe.

But the satisfaction of building your Storm Trooper is just the beginning. Unlike many Lego sets that function mostly as display pieces once they are finished, this Stormtrooper Command set essentially becomes an action figure. Moveable joints allow for a dynamic figure that can be put in a wide variety of poses, making it easier than ever for your Stormtrooper to fight back against the rebel scum.

As someone that loves both Star Wars and Lego, it is difficult to overstate how cool I think this is. With an adjustable weapon and a removable glossy pauldron hung over the trooper’s shoulder to denote rank, this figure is adjustable and makes a perfect addition to the already celebrated line of figures from the entire Star Wars saga.

If your family loves Legos or Star Wars the way that mine does, the 75531 Stormtrooper Commander set will make for a tremendous gift. Be warned though: there is a certain magnetic power to incredible toys like this one. Even if you are many years removed from your last session with the toybox, introducing this Lego set could very well change that. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself huddled around this awesome figure on the floor with your kids, just like you did when you were their age!

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This Stormtrooper Command set essentially becomes an action figure.


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