The Penguin Arctic Roller 70911 LEGO Set: A Classy Vehicle for A Comical Villan

Although he’s a bad guy, everyone loves The Penguin with his dapper black and white outfit and his comical penguin waddle. To match this villainous gentleman’s classy appearance, Lego has introduced the Penguin Arctic Roller Kit.

The Penguin Arctic Roller 70911 LEGO Set Blog

It’s truly a masterpiece in Lego ingenuity with its sleek black and white exterior and matching gold and silver trim to give it more style and flair. Your kids, young and old, will have a great time building this kit and chasing Batman around the lounge room floor when it’s all put together.

The Penguin Arctic Roller: What’s Included?

The set contains 305 pieces and two mini figurines. Let’s look at the unique features of the Arctic Roller first.

The Article Roller

This wonderfully stylish 6-wheeler has some fascinating pieces which clip in effortlessly and securely like the enormous white curved fenders. These cleverly designed parts make this vehicle stand out like no other.

To start, the wheels have rubber tires and gold colored trims which really give the Roller a distinctive look.

And although the doors don’t open, the roof lifts off revealing a single seat inside which is perfectly designed to seat The Penguin with his classic top hat.

The Penguin Arctic Roller Front View

Six headlights adorn the front of the vehicle all with inbuilt missiles. A mini penguin hood ornament sits on top, and a sticker on the license plate reads ‘High Flyer.’

On the sides of the vehicle, there are twin exhausts behind each front wheel in the shape of up-turned revolvers. The sides also sport a bullet-nosed fish with a red unicorn horn which just clips onto it.

The back hatch opens up revealing a little mini boat made up of only 8 pieces, giving kids more surprises. This is a great little getaway vehicle for The Penguin when Batman corners him at the end of a long jetty.

The Mini Figurines

The Penguin Arctic Roller - Penguin and Batman

This fantastic kit comes with 2 mini figurines, Batman and, of course, The Penguin.

Batman is sporting a new yellow utility belt which slips over the hip studs. His head is double-sided with a different expression on each side. He also carries his Batarang which clips onto his hand.

The Penguin is truly the star of this show, though, with his gray and white waistcoat and new removable top hat. He also sports a very stylish white fur stole which slips on over his shoulders. Of course, no Penguin outfit would be complete without a classic black umbrella, which is removable.

The Fun Play-ability Factor

Of course, after building the set is complete, your kids will be eagerly looking for the extra fun things they can do with their new Arctic Roller. This kit does not disappoint with the removable top to take The Penguin in and out of and the lift up hatch at the back to reveal the removable mini boat.

Another fun aspect of this vehicle is that you can shoot the missiles out of the headlights using the little spring-loaded disc on top of the bonnet.

If your kids love the Lego Batman movie, the Lego Penguin Arctic Roller Kit is a must to add to their Lego collection. Not only will they have heaps of fun putting the kit together but this classy Roller will also provide hours of creative play once it’s complete.

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This Penguin Arctic Roller LEGO Kit is a must to add to your kids' Lego collection.


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