LEGO Star Wars Republic Fighter Tank 75182 Review: Fly Into Battle With this Great Set

One of Lego’s new sets, The Republic Fighter Tank,  is from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and although it has been seen before this new set is worth a second look. There was a Republic Fighter Tank set in 2008, but it was exclusive to one store, so not everyone got it. It was also more than twice the size and more than double the price than this new 2017 version, making this new kit a bargain.

LEGO Star Wars Republic Fighter Tank 75182

The Republic Fighter Tank

The Republic Fighter Tank has an attractive color scheme, with a white and dark red color scheme featuring lime green accents that make it look amazing. The front of the tank is similar to the other Star Wars tank designs, but it has a raised cockpit, so the pilot is in the center with a full view of the battlefield. The tank is fully equipped with weapons, from laser guns to stud shooters and it has an antenna and satellite dish at the rear, so the mini figures can “call” for help. The tank has armor plating, which not only adds to the overall look and gives it a rugged feel, but also hides the wheels underneath as the tank moves smoothly across the battlefield.

The Battle Droids Minifigures

There are four mini-figures with this set, so kids and their friends can engage in battle. Two of them are battle droids, with blasters, but they have no other details as of now for the 2017 wave of new set releases. The third mini figure is a Clone Gunner, who pilots the Republic Fighter Tank, and has printed details on his torso and legs. While he has the standard clone trooper head piece, one of the best details about this Clone Gunner is his unique helmet, with tan details. As of now, there is no word on the fourth figure, but I’m sure he’ll be just as cool as the others.

Aayla Secura

The Republic Fighter Tank and Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura is one of the most popular characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but she’s only been in three other sets before this one. Her mini figure is accurate and true to the character, making her instantly recognizable. She has blue skin, brown pants and top, and a double sided headpiece kids will get a kick out of. One side has a neutral expression, and the other side has a more angry, aggressive expression, perfect for when she is ready to battle. What I like most about her is all the details. Her hairpiece has a brown head wrap, with her lekku attached and there’s printing down her lekku; she also has the same wraps down her lekku in the Clone Wars, showing Lego’s eye for details. She has her blue lightsaber, same as the one she has in the show and children will have a blast wielding it.

LEGO Story Play

The Republic Fighter Tank back

Lego is one of the best toys for encouraging kids in creative story play. The Lego Star Wars sets are excellent at encouraging young fans to use their imaginations in a fantastic universe. For example:

The Clone Gunner moves the tank on the ground of the desert planet, and Aayla Secura, the Jedi, follows. They’re here on the orders of the Republic, but she doesn’t expect to find anything. She’s waiting until she can go back, and rejoin her Jedis. Out of nowhere, two battle droids appear in the path of the tank and raise their blasters. Aayla Secura draws her lightsaber and calls to the Clone Gunner to get ready to fire. She jumps over the tank and lands gracefully in front of the droids. She’s ready for battle.

The Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Fighter Tank 75182 set is a playable set for younger fans, but it does have a collectible value for adult fans. The smaller size makes it much more sturdy than the 2008 version. I really like some of the details on the tank, particularly the armor plating, and that the wheels are hidden. I love the details of the Aayla Secura minifig. The new size, the Aayla Secura mini-fig, and the lower price range will mean that this set will be flying off the shelves.

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This Republic Fighter Tank is nice to have the armor plating and wheels.


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