LEGO Mixels Series 6: Tons of Troublesome Fun


If you have kids and hear strange noises at night, don’t be alarmed. Chances are, their Lego Mixels are running around causing mischief. Yes, Mixels, those “magical” creatures kids can build, have been known to play quite a few tricks- to kids’ delight and parents’ frustration. Especially the series 6 sets, which are especially precocious and always looking for adventure.

Mixels series 6 was out Oct 2015 and available separately and as bundles, making new the perfect time to get them for your kids. Sure, they may cause you to have to do a little more cleaning up, but the smiles they’ll put on your kids’ faces will be well worth it. Read on to find out all about the series 6 tribes, where to get them and what their story is.

Mixels Series 6: Troublesome Tribes

Trouble, adventure and fun, that’s what the series 6 sets are all about. Featuring the Weldos, Munchos and Glorp Corp, they are always up to something, whether it’s raiding the fridge at 3 a.m. or trying to surprise you by “fixing” that broken pipe late at night. Unfortunately, try as they might, things always seem to go wrong (although I’ve been told that is no accident!).

And while these guys sound like a lot to handle, in reality they are quite delightful. Think of them like a sweet 3-year old that gets into the chocolate. They mean well, they just don’t know any better. Besides, your kids will simply adore them, and they provide them with hours of building and pretend play fun.

Up Close and Personal with the Mixels

Let me introduce you to the 3 sets in the Mixels Series 6, so you can get to know them and decide which of them is best for your kids. Who knows, you may decide you want them all…

Tribe 1: The Weldos – construction in yellow

LEGO Mixels Series 6 Weldos - 41545 Kramm, 41546 Forx, and 41547 Wuzzo

Tribe 1 in the 6 series features the Weldos, creatures that love to build, but can’t seem to control their tools (you may want to stand a few feet away when they fire up their blow torch). There are 3 characters: 41545 Kramm, 41546 Forx, and 41547 Wuzzo, who are a bright yellow, gray and black, with red lights to blind, I mean, flash, you.

The 3 of them can also join forces to form Wledo Max, a giant construction robot who is big in size and destruction. When Max is around you may want lock the doors and windows…

Tribe 2: The Munchos

LEGO Mixels Series 6 Munchos - 41551 Snax, 41552 Berp, and 41553 Vaka-Waka

The Munchos have big mouths, which they love to do two things with: eat and talk, in that order. That’s why I suggest you invest in some ear plugs and stock the pantry before buying them. Actually, you may want to nail down the furniture too, because they’ll eat anything (yep, and they’ll use your table leg for a toothpick when their done).

This set has 41551 Snax, 41552 Berp, and 41553 Vaka-Waka, are purple and lavender colored and come with food props, which they have secret hiding places for.

Snax hides stuff in his cheeks like a chipmunk, Berp keep things in his mouth and Vaka, their leader, can hide stuff in his tummy. Together they form Munchos Max, who looks like a hippopotamus, so if you see him, you better make sure the fridge is full.

Tribe 3: The Glorp Corp

LEGO Mixels Series 6 Glorp Corp - 41548 Dribbal, 41549 Gurggle, and 41550 Slusho

The final set in series 6 is the Glorp Corp, who are gooey green creatures that are constantly looking for a thrill (kind of like a certain slime ball from the Ghostbusters). These are the most mischievous, and loving of all the tribes, as they love making people happy and crave excitement.

So expect to be smiling, and shaking your head when you discover them swinging from the chandelier. These guys are various shades of green and consist of 41548 Dribbal, 41549 Gurggle, and 41550 Slusho, who combine to for Gorp Corp Max, who looks like a giant insect (yeah, nit for the squeamish).

As you can see from my Lego Mixels Series 6 rundown, these delightful, but naught creatures are the perfect gift for any kid. They inspire kids’ imaginations, encouraging them to dream, create, and cause a little havoc that is both innocent and fun. So pick up one, or all of this series and watch your kids blossom and grow. Just be sure to baby-proof the house before letting these creatures in.

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These delightful, but naught creatures are the perfect gift for any kid

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