Lego Mixels Series 7: The New Generation of Fun


Lego toys have long been a favorite among children, I mean, I had countless Lego sets, and now my kids do too! So it’s no surprise that the hottest toy out right now is Lego’s Mixel line. Mixels are interchangeable creatures made from traditional Lego blocks: think Transformers for Lego.

Based on the Cartoon Channel Mixels cartoon series, there are an endless number of characters from their fantasy world to keep your kids busy for hours (a nice bonus for aren’t who need a few minutes of peace). Lego Mixels are fun, spark kids’ creativity and are affordable, making them the perfect gift for any kid.

Mixels come in 8 different series, with the series 7 sets being the most popular, which is why we are focusing on them here. Our guide will give you an up-close look at the series 7 bundles, as well as an overview of all the series, so all you have to do is decide which one to get for your kids.

Mixels: Fun, Whimsical Creatures Kids Love

Mixel Legos are tons of fun, with cute, interactive creatures that make up mythical lands kids (and adults) will be enchanted with. They spark imagination and teach as well as entertain. Based on the cartoon of the same name, they inhabit different lands.

The Mixels line consists of 8 series, with each series having 3 different tribes (sets) of characters, known as mixels. Each character in the set can stand alone, or combine with the others to for a giant mixel based on the tribe theme.

Each tribe has distinct characteristics and colors and there is an order to them. Series 7 features the MCPD, Medivals (knights) and Mixies tribes, which feature some of the coolest characters.

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  • Series 1: Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids
  • Series 2: Frosticons, Fang Gand and Flexers
  • Series 3: Glorp Corp, Spikels and Wiztastics
  • Series 4: Orbitons, Infernites (series 4) and Glowkies
  • Series 5: Klinkers, Frosticons and Linkers
  • Series 6: Weldos, Glorp Corp and Munchos
  • Series 7: MCPD, Medivals and Mixies
  • Series 8: MCFD, Pyrattz and Medix

Amazon has several mixel sets available, featuring bundles of the most popular mixel tribes from series 7. Here’s what they have to offer, complete with descriptions and pricing:

Bundle MCPD set

Mixels Series 7 Bundle MCPD set

This bundle has the MCPD tribe, which is the main tribe of series 7; MCPD stands for Metropolis City Police Department, so naturally this tribe is made up of cop creatures and are blue, black and white in color. They live in Metropolis and are the only adult tribe in all the series.

The 3 mixels in this set are Kuffs, Busto and Tikets, who combine to form MCPD Max, a giant cop robot.

Medivals: Bundle Set of Knights

Medivals knights Mixels Series 7 blog image

This bundle is better known as the medivals, and as the name implies they are “medieval” or middle-age features style creatures.

The 3 characters in this set resemble knights and are named Camillot, Paladum, and Mixadel. Camillot and Mixadel are royal members, and Paladum is their pet; they sometimes launch bricks at their enemies.

They are grey, brown and gold in color and combine to form Max, a type of dragon.

Series 7 Bundle MIXIES set

Mixels Series 7 Mixies Musical Instruments Blog Image

This bundle features one of the most fun tribes in the mixels series, the mixies. Mixies are based on different musical instruments and are yellow, purple, silver and white in color.

The 3 main mixies are Jamzy, Tapsy and Trumzy, who combine to form Mixie Max, a one-man band.

As you can see from our overview, Lego Mixels are toys that are already hits with kids and are sure to become classics as the years pass. They tell a story, giving kids endless possibilities when it comes to play. The series 7 mixels are diverse and fun, encouraging kids to think outside the box and teaching them about law and music.

With so many great bundles, choosing just one could be hard, but at these great prices you really can get them all. Just know that whichever one you choose, your choosing quality toys that your kids’ kids we’ll love.

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