LEGO Star Wars Tracker I 75185 Building Kit Review: The Ultimate Mash Up

If there is one thing I love, it’s a good mash up and this latest offering from Lego and Star Wars might be the best one yet! I’m talking of course about the new LEGO Star Wars Tracker I 75185 Building Kit; it is a real treat and is sure to have fans of both brands drooling, so let’s waste no time and take a closer look.

LEGO Star Wars Tracker I 75185 Building Kit

Most people are familiar with the Star Wars movies at this point, but even if you are a die-hard fan, there is a good chance you won’t recognize the ship in this set because the Tracker I comes directly from a Lego oriented television series titled “The Freemaker Adventures.” Still, anyone that likes Star Wars will find something to love, and you might even find a familiar face thrown in the mix. That’s enough of a disclaimer. I think. Let’s get into it and see what this set has to offer.

Glide through space in a tri wing tracker on a mission commissioned by the dark lord of the Sith himself. You are MOC, a lethal droid under the orders of Darth Sidious himself. You pilot the Tracker on a mission to collect Rowen, a young Jedi who has made himself a target of the Emperor.

If the Clone Wars proved anything, it’s that droids don’t usually fair well against Jedi, but you are different. Equipped with two crimson lightsabers, and more than enough skill to use them, Rowan, is just lucky that you were instructed to bring him back alive.

The question is not if you will catch your man, but when. Scour the galaxy—leave nothing unexplored. The ship is called the tracker for a reason after all. When you finally do capture Rowen, a cell in your ship will keep him prisoner as you bring him back to the Emperor. There, the runaway Jedi will be forced to face the Emperor’s signature attack—his lethal blue force lightning.

This intricate set is gorgeous once completed, and it comes with four of the coolest mini figures Lego has ever produced. I myself am a huge Star Wars fan, but I know very little about the show from which this set draws its inspiration.

That’s ok. I don’t really need to know. It doesn’t take an understanding of the television show to be aware of how great this set looks on the shelf, or how much play time it will yield for the kiddies. Or, how much play time it could yield for me.

There is something special about the Lego sets that depict classic scenes from the movies. I own many of them myself and will continue to buy them for as long as they are made, but there is something sort of special about getting a peek into this new chapter.

No, I don’t necessarily know exactly understand everything that is happening in this scene, but I think for me part of the fun will be filling in the blanks myself. If you like Star Wars or Lego in general, you will love this new set.

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It's one of the best deals as a spaceship.


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