Best LEGO Friends Sets 2018: Build Your Own World and Dream

LEGO toy collections are known as the best presents to give because children, especially little girls, love playing and learning with them! So, if you are looking for the best LEGO toy gift to give your daughter, niece, granddaughter or goddaughter, one of these LEGO Friends toy collection might be the best choice for you.

Best LEGO Friends Brick Sets

Introduced in 2012, LEGO Friends continues to fulfill every girl’s dreams by letting them play and interact with the five main character dolls: Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie.

These girls live in the fictional hometown of Heartlake City, and each has a different personality and hobby. Andrea loves music, Emma loves fashion, Mia loves animals, Olivia loves nature while Stephanie loves to be a leader.

Now’s the best time to grab some LEGO Friends toy collection today, as it is on sale!

Here are some best selling toy sets of the LEGO Friends Collection.

Top Rated Friends LEGO Sets

1. LEGO Friends Emma Karate Class 41002

Step inside the dojo and learn Karate with Emma! Emma is the fashion girl of the group, but don’t let this little fashionista fool you, as she packs a serious punch – literally! One of Emma’s favorite hobbies is karate, but you can help her learn some more cool moves and pick up some yourself along the way!

This LEGO Friends Emma Karate Class collection features a chopping block, trophy display case, bonsai tree and a precious Emma mini-doll. Its accessories also include trophies, handbag, water bottle, sword and a kendo mask.

2. LEGO Friends Stephanie Soccer Practice 41011

Let’s practice playing soccer with Stephanie and her adorable dog, Scarlett! Stephanie is the leader of the group, and is very lovable, sociableand of course, athletic! One of her hobbies includes soccer. So help her get better at playing soccer with some drills and practice kicking the ball! Also, don’t forget to pet Scarlett!

This LEGO Friends Stephanie Soccer Practice features a soccer ball launcher, ball, goal, cup, banana and cone obstacle course.

3. LEGO Friends Olivia Newborn Foal 41003

LEGO Friends just got a new family member: Olivia’s newborn baby foal! Help Olivia feed and raise the foal. Have fun with Olivia, the environmentalist! Also, do not forget to play with the foal!

This fun LEGO Friends Olivia Newborn Foal Collection features a tree, water pump, shelter, wheelbarrow and of course, a lovable foal. Its accessories also include an Olivia mini doll, flowers, hay and a bucket.

4. LEGO Friends Rehearsal Stage 41004

Time to rock out! Check out Stephanie at the rehearsal stage and help her practice her routine for the upcoming show! Give her a heads up in her ballet, dancing and singing activities! With the amazing talents Stephanie has, is there anything she can’t do?! Anyway, jam with Stephanie and while you’re at it, try to invite the gang for the singing session!

This LEGO Friends Rehearsal Stage Collections features a ballet space, rotating stage, keyboard as well as spotlights. Its accessories include a guitar, microphone, crown, brush, flower vase, and a perfume bottle. Also, in this LEGO Friends collection, you’ll get Stephanie’s mini-doll figure.

5. LEGO Friends Mia’s Puppy House 3934

Check out Mia’s puppy house and don’t forget to check her cute and adorable puppy out! As you can see, Mia is the animal lover in the group. She has a lot of love for our pets, especially to our furry friend! So, drop by Mia’s puppy house and help her raise this cutie pup. It just might want to try to play fetch!

This LEGO Friends Mia’s Puppy House collection features a puppy house, grooming table, tub, apple tree and mini-doll figures of Mia and her puppy, Charlie. Its accessories include a bone, soap, brushes, bows and a plate.

6. LEGO Friends 3939 Mia’s Bedroom

Step into Mia’s Bedroom for more fun! Try out Mia’s drum setand rock out to some cool jams! Also, don’t forget to remind Mia to write about your awesome time together in her diary! You can even invite for the whole gang!

This LEGO Friends Mia’s Bedroom Collection features a drum set, bed and a table. Its accessories include a lamp, radio, basket, vase and a diary.

7. LEGO Friends Olivia’s House 3315 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Step inside the house of Olivia! Meet and hang out with her parents, Anna and Peter. Also, get to live with Olivia and her family, and help them out with their daily activities. Do the chores, and anything under the sun with the family in Olivia’s house!

This fun and encouraging LEGO Friends Olivia’s House collection features the mini-doll figures of Olivia, Anna, Petter and the family’s cat Kitty. It also includes furniture, rooms, TV, refrigerator and a rooftop patio. This LEGO collection’s accessories are hairbrush, kitchen utensils, carrots, apple, and chicken drumstick.

8. LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pool 41008

There’s no  better place to spend a hot summer day than in the pool! So, join Andrea and Isabella in a fun-filled and wet time in the pool! Grab your swimsuit and have some fun under the sun while sipping on an ice cold lemonade! Get ready for a cannonball!

This enjoyable LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pool Collection features the mini-doll figures of Andrea and Isabella. Also, its accessories include a water slide, poll, waterfall, toilet, hot tub and a changing room.

9. LEGO Friends 3189 Heartlake Stables

While in Heartlake City, try dropping by the stables and take some time to ride on a beautiful stallion! Join Mia and Katrina in this gallop-filled fun day! Maybe Olivia will take her foal friend too. The more friends we gather in the stables, the merrier we become!

This LEGO Friends HeartlakeStables Collection features 2 horse stables in a barn, well, and a hand trolley. Its accessories include a book, carrots, riding helmets, saddles, bridles and prize ribbons.

10. LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop 3187

You gotta be in style here in the Heartlake City! Get a makeover with Sarah and Emma before you meet up with the rest of the gang for a full day of fun! You can even give them a makeover as well! Get the lipsticks ready for a fun, makeover time!

This LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop Collection includes the mini-doll figures of Emma and Sarah. Its accessories include a salon furniture, lipsticks, hair products, sunglasses, mirror and money bill.

This is the best time to give the LEGO Friends collection to your dear ones, as it is available in new and different sets. It is now available in soccer game, karate and other sets. Also, girls will surely enjoy playing LEGO Friends mini-dolls with its LEGO system bricks feature. This means all pieces of blocks from each set purchased are compatible with one another.


So, what are you waiting for? Make your kids, nieces, granddaughters or goddaughters happy by giving them a LEGO Friends series set. Help her collect all the sets and put the LEGO world in her hands. It is definitely a good gift to give on any season or occasion.

This LEGO Friends Collection is a dainty gift you can give your daughter or niece in any season! It features different sets about fun activities and all things girly. Also, your little girl gets to play with her mini-doll friends – Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. So, give her this LEGO Friends Collection today, especially now that it’s on sale.

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One of these LEGO Friends toy collection might be the best choice for you gifting your daughters and friends' kids.

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